30 Eccentric Facts About Cardi B

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Cardi B started gaining publicity in 2013 when many of her videos started going viral on Vine and Instagram.

    Cardi B is one of the most popular female rappers of today.

    With her sassy attitude and millions of followers, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of this entertainer.

    Even if you’re her biggest fan, there’s still likely a lot you didn’t know about Cardi B.

    See how many of these 30 facts surprise you!

    Cardi B’s given name is Belcalis Almanzar.

    Belcalis is 30 years old and was born on October 11, 1992, in The Bronx neighborhood of New York City.

    Her heritage is Dominican and Trinidadian – her father is Dominican, and her mother is Trinidadian.

    Cardi B started gaining attention when she opened up about her job as a stripper on social media.

    When she was 16, she became a member of the Bloods but has since disassociated from gangs.

    She attended Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology, which is a vocational high school.

    As a teen, Cardi B held a job at a supermarket in Lower Manhattan.

    Later on, she was fired from the job and took up stripping as recommended by her former grocery store manager.

    Cardi B has confessed that she turned to stripping in order to escape poverty and domestic violence, as she was in an abusive relationship at the time.

    Cardi B started gaining publicity in 2013 when many of her videos started going viral on Vine and Instagram.

    Many people wonder where the name Cardi B comes from. As it turns out, Her sister is named Hennessy in a reference to the French cognac. Cardi B has said, “My sister’s name, her name is Hennessy, so everybody used to be like Bacardi to me […] then I shortened it to Cardi B.”

    The first albums Cardi B ever bought were by Missy Elliott and Tweet.

    Cardi B is the first woman to have five top 10 singles at once on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

    Two of her favorite artists are surprisingly enough, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

    Apparently, Cardi B planned to quit stripping at 25 but did so at 23 when she became a social media personality.

    While she was stripping, she had a breast augmentation performed by a doctor.

    Cardi B started dating the American rapper Offset in 2017. They later got engaged in October.

    Offset proposed to Cardi B at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia during a concert.

    In April 2018, Cardi B went on Saturday Night Live where she revealed she was pregnant with her fiancé Offset.

    Her engagement ring is worth half a million dollars. It has pink diamonds around a big rock, and it’s shaped like a raindrop.

    While she was stripping, Cardi B had a lot of Russian co-workers in the club. She started learning the language, their music, and how to pronounce things. She has since stopped using the language.

    Cardi B doesn’t have a driver’s license, but she has bought a car that she flaunted on social media.

    For performing at Coachella, Cardi B was paid $170,000. However, she also claims that she spent $300,000 of her own money on her set for Coachella.

    Her single “Bodak Yellow” was inspired by Kodak Black’s song “No Flockin’.” While some fans think Cardi B stole the song, Kodak has hinted on social media that he earns money from Cardi’s single.

    While she was stripping, she lied to her mom and told her she was earning money by babysitting.

    Interestingly enough, Cardi B is a big fan of fast food, especially McDonald’s.

    Cardi B has had her teeth fixed – even referencing so in her single “Bodak Yellow.”

    After mentioning her dentist in “Bodak Yellow,” the business for that particular dentist tripled after the release of the single.

    It takes three hours for Cardi B’s manicurist to perfect her infamous bedazzled talon nails.

    Cardi B’s musical debut was in 2015 when she appeared on singer Shaggy’s remix to his single “Boom Boom.”

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