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If you want to grow your business we can help. To get started all we need is a little information. Call us at 208-733-1100 or email us at

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Kevin Andrus General Sales Manager 208-933-2827

Brandon Low Digital Sales Manager 208-933-2822

Lisa Ware National Sales Manager 208-407-7462

Patti Adam Marketing Consultant 208-933-2851

Shira Salinas Marketing Consultant 208-329-1358

Gene Benavidez Marketing Consultant 208-308-3317

Jennifer Hudson Marketing Consultant 208-933-2825

Bambi Ethridge Sales Assistant 208-933-2869

Leigha Krause Sales Assistant 208-933-2823

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For over 65 years, KMVT has built a reputation of excellence as Southern Idaho’s most-watched news source, producing more than 35 hours of news content each week.

The CBS brand inspires confidence, loyalty and trust with both our audience and clients. The business community views us as reliable and effective.

Team that up with KSVT, our local FOX affiliate plus our CW affiliate, we simply have more to offer for news and business services to our viewers and clients than any other electronic/digital media in Southern Idaho. is one of the market’s leading websites averaging over 1 million page views monthly.

If you team that up with our digital marketing assets at Gray Digital Media and Premion OTT, we have a winning combination that can help your business effectively reach thousands and thousands of potential new customers.

OUR PEOPLE: The longevity and recognition of our core anchor team, is very strong on all our newscasts. Our experienced sales and production teams, many with more than 20 years in the media business, are dedicated every day to delivering results for our advertisers.