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Did you know that when 7-Eleven first introduced the Slurpee in 1966, it initially offered only two flavors: Coca-Cola and Cherry?

    Every year on July 11th, 7-Eleven delights its customers by offering complimentary Slurpees as part of their celebratory event.

    This occasion is known as National Free Slurpee Day or simply Free Slurpee Day.

    The significance of the date lies within the name itself; 7/11, representing July 11th, is when 7-Eleven commemorates this delightful day. Hence, National Free Slurpee Day is also recognized as National 7-Eleven Day.

    Continue reading to discover more about this special holiday, including ways to celebrate and discover some fascinating facts about Slurpees!

    History of National Free Slurpee Day.

    A van with ICEE branding on it.

    While 7-Eleven (originally named Tote’m Stores) was founded in 1927, this idea of giving Slurpees for free only started in 2002 as a way to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

    A beloved beverage for decades, Slurpees are a money-making machine for 7-Eleven, as an estimated 14 million Slurpees are sold monthly!

    Although 7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day is an annual holiday, it did get canceled in 2020 & 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Customers were instead given coupons for the free Slurpee via the 7Rewards app, which they were able to redeem between July 1 and July 31.

    Now, regarding the origin of Slurpee, it goes way back to the late 1950s. It all started with a man named Omar Knedlik, a Dairy Queen franchisee.

    Omar’s soda fountain would always break down, so to keep his soda cold, he put them in the freezer. As a result of this improvisation, his sodas suddenly turned slushy… and people loved it!

    Realizing its business potential, he used a car’s air conditioner to build a machine that creates this brain-freezing drink, which he called “Icee.”

    Then, in 1965, 7-Eleven licensed the Icee machine. Although, instead of calling the drink Icee, they referred to it as “Slurpee.”

    The new name was thanks to Bob Stanford, a 7-Eleven ad agency director, who got the name from the sound the drink makes when you sip it with a straw.

    After the licensing deal, 7-Eleven then debuted the drink in 1966 with two flavors: Coca-Cola and Cherry. But today, there are now multiple flavors, allowing you to create different Slurpee flavor combos!

    How to celebrate National Free Slurpee Day.

    A red-colored slurpee in the foreground, with a blurred planed flying in the background

    Go to 7-Eleven.

    The first and most common way is to celebrate it by going to 7-Eleven. You have to download their app to claim the free Slurpee.

    However, some customers said they were able to get the free Slurpee without it – but download the app to be sure!

    Try other Slurpee flavor combos.

    If you rarely mix Slurpees, then National Free Slurpee Day is the perfect day to do so! It doesn’t cost you anything; you might just discover your new favorite slushy beverage.

    Give yourself a brain freeze.

    One of the most memorable things about drinking Slurpee is getting a brain freeze, which is a brief headache you get after consuming cold food or drinks too quickly.

    So, celebrate National Free Slurpee Day by drinking your free Slurpee as fast as possible; the more friends you convince to join you, the more fun it’ll be!

    National Free Slurpee Day FAQs.

    A Slurpee cup with a white-colored Slurpee in it

    How do I claim my free Slurpee?

    Download the 7-Eleven or Speedway app. Then, go to a 7/11, Speedway, or Stripe store for a special Slurpee Day cup. After filling the cup, scan your 7-Eleven or Speedway app at the checkout counter to claim your free Slurpee.

    Does National Free Slurpee Day end at a particular time?

    It typically starts at 11 am and ends at 7 pm on July 11. However, in 2022, the celebration was started on July 1 and ran until July 11 for 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards members. They also offered to deliver your free Slurpee via the 7NOW delivery app!

    How many free Slurpees can you get on National Free Slurpee Day?

    You can only claim one free small Slurpee. So, bring a friend or relative if you want to get another free Slurpee!

    What happens if the store runs out of cups on National Free Slurpee Day?

    Sadly, there are no more free Slurpees if the 7-Eleven, Speedway, or Stripe store you’ve visited runs out of cups. In this case, your best bet is to visit another store with some supplies left.

    5 Fast Facts about Slurpees

    Slurpee cups

    7-Eleven sold a candy straw in 2003 for 49 cents as an upsell to Slurpees. The edible straw was such a hit that it even outsold 7-Eleven’s non-chocolate candies!

    Only 37% of Slurpee drinkers mix Slurpee flavors, while 41% only choose one flavor. With the remaining 21%, they mix the flavors from time to time.

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is considered the Slurpee capital of the world.

    Slurpee cups are considered collector’s items due to the many celebrities featured on the cups, which over the years have ranged from WWE superstars to NBA legends.

    7-Eleven has another fantastic celebration called “Bring Your Own Cup Day,” allowing customers to bring their own cups and get a Slurpee for just $1.99 – this anticipated holiday change dates yearly!

    National Free Slurpee Day is one of the most awaited days for Slurpee fans or those who love free stuff.

    It’s the perfect time to try out some new Slurpee flavor combos. But hey, if you prefer sticking with your favorite Slurpee, you do you. Just make sure to be on time and download 7-Eleven or Speedway’s app to claim your free Slurpee.

    Now, who’s ready to get a brain freeze on July 11?

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